16 Small Ways to Improve your Life & Calm Anxiety

Sometimes, it really is as simple as slowly adding small, positive things into your life in order to see improvements. Self growth isn’t actually as challenging as one may think.

Most people approach personal growth as “I have to remove all of these bad habits or choices in order to live a good life”, which ties your perspective to what you don’t like, what you “should feel bad” about doing, and what you don’t want to be. This is good to be aware of, but on the same token, who are you when you are actively living what you don’t want to be? Should you awareness focus on what you don’t want, or what you do want?
Law of Attraction states when we focus on what we do want, we attract exactly that into our lives.

So, by simply adding positive changes that support who you do want to be, you will grow and your life will improve in favour of this.

these small daily improvements will calm your anxiety


16 Small, Easy Ways to Improve your Life & Calm Anxiety

1. Make your bed within an hour of waking up

It’s so good on the mind to feel like you’ve accomplished something right at the start of your day. It’s a simple task that’s easy to turn into a habit. It’s very calming on the mind to have a decluttered space, so when the blankets aren’t in bunches, or sprawled over the floor; you’re already setting the tone for a clear headspace kind of day.


Warm water in the morning is one small way to improve your self growth journey
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2. Drink a warm glass of water first before your daily dose of caffeine.

After spending the past 8 hours sleeping & not at all eating or drinking, your stomach/digestive systems are very delicate and your body is often dehydrated. Rehydrate your body before consuming dehydrating substances, such as coffee or tea. This can help minimize that mid-afternoon caffeine crash as well!



3. Spend some time off of your phone when you wake up to set the tone for your day

When slowly awakening from dream-land, your brain and mind very sensitive. When we immediately turn to our phones to begin scrolling; checking in on what has happened while we were sleeping, we take away our opportunity to decide for ourselves what kind of day we’re having. Allow this to be prioritized you time. Check in with yourself first, before checking in on the rest of the world.


4. Choose an outfit you feel good in!

Okay but how great does it feel when you’re wearing an outfit you LOVE. I don’t know about you but I feel unstoppable and ready to conquer anything when my outfit is on point. This is a great feeling to have more days than not. (Treating yourself to a PJ day every once in a while is totally important, too).


5. Listen to your favourite songs while going about your daily activities

Familiar tunes & upbeat music naturally makes us feel good. Music can make even the worst tasks, more enjoyable. Picture this; you’re doing the dishes, everything is silent – you probably hear some background noise of other housemates or the sound of cars driving by and all you can focus on is the seemingly never-ending pile of dishes you’ve been sorting through. dreadful. Better yet, picture yourself doing the dishes while your absolute favourite playlist is on shuffle. The dishes become a mindless task while you hum/dance/sing along. Moral of the story is music makes everything better.


A simple smile is an easy, positive life improvement that will sure help you stay open to self growth
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6. Smile at other people (including yourself!)

A smile goes a long way, simply put. Try it out 🙂


7. Call or message someone you love

Having a fun, simple conversation that doesn’t involve all things stressful or worry is always a good way to be brought back to the present moment to remember that there’s more to life than what we struggle with. Whether you make it a short or long conversation is up to you. It’s always nice to connect with someone who’s existence you enjoy.


8. Eat food that makes you feel real good

Organization will surely de-clutter and improve your life
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You wouldn’t put the wrong fuel into your car, would you? Eat what your body needs, what nourishes you. You’ll notice it in your energy levels, in your memory, in your quality of sleep, in your mood. Good Intake = Good outtake. And remember to balance that out with a treat every now and then.


9. Make lists of what you need to accomplish each day (hint: it doesn’t have to be long)

When you visually break down your daily tasks, it’s usually a lot less daunting. Plus, it’s quite satisfying to cross each one out as you go (all the motivation). You can even take it a step further and plan your weeks. This way you can focus on each day as it comes, as the rest of your week is accounted for. You don’t have to worry about the laundry on Monday as you know that you’re doing that on Thursday.


10. Spend some time stretching, your muscles will thank you

Especially after a good night’s sleep. Awaken your body’s movement and energy with a few slow, big stretches. It makes the journey to your next destination a little less painful haha. My personal go-to is a nice yoga flow. Whether it’s 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or an hour – you will feel so much more awake throughout the day.

11. ALWAYS bring water with you. Always.

So we know that our bodies require quite a bit of water throughout the day. Majority of people ignore their feelings of thirst when not in easy access to a beverage as it’s either an expensive bottled beverage, or the easiest choice being a dehydrating coffee. So not only will you likely save a lot of money by having a hydrating drink with you at all times, you’ll be able to stay hydrated more often. When we’re hydrated, our skin is happy – we look more awake, we feel more awake, we don’t tend to crave sugar or salt as often, which in turn affects our mood, ’cause when ya feel good, ya look good & vice versa, right?


12. Use the “Screen Time” feature on your phone to minimize meaningless scrolling

When checking your phones turns into 45 minutes of mindless scrolling some how… (I know I’m not the only one). This feature (on iPhone IOS12) allows you to schedule a certain time period (ex. 9:00pm-9:00am) where it will ‘lock’ the apps of your choosing. You’re able to configure which apps you want included or not which is super helpful in only using your phone for what you need at the time. Less chances of getting distracted!


13. Make plans to spend time with a friend at least once a week if you can

Friend time is fun time. You’re ALLOWED to have some fun without feeling bad for it. Schedule once a week, or once every few weeks. Change up your activities, or simply enjoy a coffee date. Make some cool memories. Enjoy life with other people.


14. Treat yourself to something you’ve wanted once a month

Money isn’t only for necessities (although they come first) and otherwise locking it away in a savings account. You work hard for your money, you deserve to spend a little on your self here and there, call it a self investment. And trust me, the return on this investment can be pretty high when you are mindfully aware and appropriate with your choices! It doesn’t have to be something crazy or expensive, even if its a new fall scented candle you’ve been eyeing up, or a new notebook – let yourself live a little!



15. Spend the last 30 minutes before bed off of your phone, doing something calming/relaxing

This one can be challenging, especially if you consider your social media use a part of your “wind down” time. Any screen you use produces blue light, which plays a huge part in your body’s natural production of Melatonin (hormone that regulates wakefulness). The intake of blue light tells your body that it’s day-time and not time to sleep, even if it’s midnight. Consequently this affects our sleep quality, especially when we’re turning off our phone right before we roll over to sleep. Our brain essentially gets super confused and the natural sleep/wake cycle is affected. Often times waking up still feeling tired or groggy. Spending time away from harmful blue light at least 30 minutes before you sleep allows for a more natural carry out of your body circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle).

For those that might work better at night, consider downloading f.lux – a program for your computer which follows the natural day/night cycle of your geographical location and reducing the amount of blue light your computer produces as the night goes on. Often times by “bed time” my screen is orange with no traces of blue light. And let me tell you this feels SO good on the eyeballs.


16. End your nights thinking about 2 things you’re grateful for

Pro tip: there are always two things you can find. Always. This helps bring in those happy feel good vibes before you slumber which is a stellar way to end the day if you ask me. Perhaps even try this when you wake up as well. This gives you chance to think about your life as is, and how it’s serving you; as opposed to what you’re unhappy with and what you want to change.

Sometimes, self growth is simply about adding small improvements to your life. Try out these 16 small ways to assist your personal development journey!

It’s important to approach these steps from a place of love. When you are in a state of “have to” or working with guilt, these improvements may seem like senseless tasks. However they pack A LOT of value when you really put them to action. Enjoy time with each one. Love yourself through it. If this is something you also struggle with, I have shared with you my list of mindful habits to develop self love. Check out that post in addition for this one to jump start your journey.

You got this.

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  1. I loved these tips! Thought the water one was very interesting. I like to bring water everywhere I go and it’s made such a difference! I get anxiety and I noticed when I start to feel anxious my mouth becomes really dry and having water by my side helps a lot. It also keeps me hydrated throughout the day and when you’re hydrated your brain just works so much better! I also like to treat myself to something once a month (or twice), usually something simple and low cost but I space it out so there’s a few weeks in between. The act of anticipating the next self-gift is just as rewarding!

    1. I’m so glad they were helpful for you!! Right?! Water does wonders 🙂
      That’s so awesome!! I totally agree – it can be kept so simple but feel sooo good. Even just buying my favourite scent body wash I’m like YES GO ME hahah, it’s the little things!

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