dream big, inspire passion, live life by design

hello friend!

i’m katie ☼
dreamer, wanderer, + radiant creator

college graduate, social work retiree, moved solo across the planet to Australia, and created a new normal of living an inspired, fulfilling life supporting + honouring all that I desire

freedom is my compass + creation is my passion

I’ve settled for life, and I’ve created a life;
settling left me afraid, insecure, disempowered, and stagnant
creating this life brought me confidence, inspired action, and expansion which has me feeling fully empowered

living a life I love and helping YOU do the same

you don’t have to experience life the way you’ve been told to or think you ‘have’ to
life is meant to be enjoyed – and you are deserving of all of the good that life has to offer

I’m a certified mentor + run my own successful online business
working with an expanding team of health + wellness conscious individuals who are passionate about 
personal development | environmental conservation | time, location, + financial freedom

does this sound like you? my team is quickly growing, join us! 

Springbrook National Park

"not only will you have an eternally joyous journey, but everything you have ever imagined will flow effortlessly into your experience"

- Ester Hicks