Transforming Self Doubt: 4 Motivating Tips to Achieve your Goals

If I told you that you could achieve absolutely anything you wanted to achieve, would you believe me?

I imagine you might be saying something along the lines of “well, I don’t know about that”, or “yeah right, there’s no way”.
These things absolutely sounds like a good idea, but to actually execute it we like to lean on the safe side of ‘it’s not very feasible’.

Along with the top 3 fears that hold us back, self doubt takes the cake as our biggest obstacle.

Like the other fears we hold, self doubt acts as a protector. It decides for us that we cannot get hurt if we don’t try. This message can translate in many ways, such as “I don’t have the skills”, “there’s no way I can do that”, “there’s not enough time” or “what if it doesn’t work out?” or any other self-reassuring reason we can come up with that supports keeping us safe.
And instead of questioning these thoughts, or asking “what the hell do they know?” we believe them.
Our head falls, we sigh in imaginary defeat, and go on with our ho-hum attitude with even more fear to try again.

& the cycle repeats at the next best idea.

However once again, with every “holy shit” moment of realization, there’s some good news.

The good news is that because we are SO malleable (yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks), we can reframe our self doubt into the most motivating fire we could light, to actually achieve our goals and bring those ‘one day’ ideas to life.

Here are 4 tips that will surely inspire you to silence the thoughts of your self doubt and achieve anything you put your mind to.

motivating tips to achieve your goals

4 Motivating Tips to Achieve Your Goals

1. Meditate

Before you shut this one down thinking you have to sit still with your legs crossed humming; you don’t.

This could look like whatever you want it to look like; as long as the principle of the action is intended for you to be able to silence the rest of the world, and tune into yourself. For me, this looks like a good swim, time spent by myself in the sauna, or even a stellar journal session. For others, this can look completely different. Find your happy time where all you genuinely have to focus on, is you.

9 times out of 10 any self doubt is perpetuated through the thoughts of other people. Your inspiration may seem scary to them, and if they are someone you respect, you might think they’re right in their fears. This is not your voice. 

So, through taking time to meditate you are to find your voice, and only yours.


2. Write Out Your Goals

I saw this quote once, and I’m going to share it with you here because I think it was pretty darn powerful.

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes realityachieve your goals

Writing out your goals becomes the foundation of achievement.
This tells you, “okay, here’s my idea. This is what I want to accomplish, I can see it” and it starts to feel a bit more tangible.

Writing out your goals also allows you to start the process of visualizing the end result.
What does this achievement look like? What looks different in your life? How does it make you feel?
Think about this one on your own. Tap into what it will be for YOU. Write this out under your goal, so you can revisit this often.

Keep your eye on the prize.


3. Determine your Action Steps

Here is where you break down your goals into tiny, manageable steps that make you say “yeah, I can do those” instead of running to hide at the thought of trying.

For example: you spent some time thinking about what you really want, you’ve decided that your goal is to take a trip to your dream destination. You write this down on your mirror, in your journal, anywhere. You think about what not having to think about work will feel like, you picture yourself laying on the beach or skiing down the mountain, you feel the happiness it will bring you once you’re there. You write it all down. Now, you start your to-do list. First, to plan any vacation, you need to have the funds to pay for it. You decide that step one is to put aside $75 from every pay check for 3 months. Then, you need to figure out when you want to go. Step two would be to find a date that you feel would be best for you. Step three would be to research your destination and plan your itinerary; what do you want to do during your trip? Step four, book this time off of work and make sure you do not have to respond to any other obligations during this time. Step five would be to book your trip and secure your spots.

So you’ve determined what it is you want. You’ve decided WHY you want to do this, and what it will feel like. You’ve figured out what you need to do. You’ve given yourself a time period of three months for savings before you book the trip, so you know how long this process will take you before you can purchase it. And voila, 7 months later you’re living your best life doing what you once thought was nothin’ but a dream.

Go you, you’re doing it!

4. Create a Routine

So now that you’ve had some you time, you’ve decided what is it you want, you’ve committed to doing it, you’ve determined what you need to do; now all that’s left is to ensure that you stay consistent with the steps that keep you in action. AKA your action steps. AKA what you need to do to be “living the dream”.

This is usually the step where the train starts to slow down if you aren’t committed to keeping coal on the fire, y’know?

However at this point, you’re SO committed to achieving this goal of yours that nothing can get in your way.
*It’s important to note that things will come up, there WILL be obstacles. Sometimes, our ideal timing isn’t always right for us. But knowing this, we can trust that just because now isn’t the right time, doesn’t mean there will never be a right time. The way things end up working out will always surprise us!

Get creative this one. Whether you make some adjustments to your morning routine, or completely change up your night routine; make sure it’s something that lines up with your end goal. Example; you could add 10 minutes of journaling into your night routine so you can write down where you’re at. Or you can dedicate some time in the morning to read your favourite book, or go to the gym to get you pumped up. The canvas is blank and up to you to paint the picture of things that will assist you on your dream achievin’ journey.
Here’s an idea for a routine if you need some inspiration on where to start!

Achieve your goals


Even if you’re the ONLY person in support of your dream, be that. Choose to be your number one supporter instead of your biggest doubter. Only you know what you’re capable of doing; other people can only speak for themselves. And if it’s not their inspiration, they’re probably looking more at the down side as opposed to how awesome it will be to achieve it.

Turn your self doubt into motivation by ensuring you have some quiet time to yourself, with you and only for you. Spend some time on your goals and write them out; even just start with one if that’s easiest. Build upon your goal, break it down into manageable action steps that you’ll become so excited to check off of your to-do list. Finally, be consistent through creating a routine to stick to. Note that this is temporary, this will only be around as long as your dream is a goal. Once it’s reality, your routine will once again change up. Have fun with it :).

Pop in as your number one cheerleader every once in a while too, acknowledge your hard work and the progress you’re making in your process.

And remember, you can achieve absolutely anything you want to achieve.

You got this,

xx Katelyn

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