This is What Happened When I Let Go of My Fearful Mindset

I admit it’s easy to get used to life how you know it. There’s a unique peace to living your normal daily routine and having a general familiarity of what to expect out of your day. It’s comfortable.

Sometimes you reach a point where you start to feel a bit too comfortable; you don’t have much energy, you’re procrastinating, you’re bored, perhaps you’re having a hard time concentrating, and you generally just don’t feel very excited about anything. Except, you might recognize this as feeling lazy, or guilty for struggling to concentrate, or like you’re falling behind. In sets the worry, about anything and everything. Opportunities may come up for something new or exciting, but you deny the opportunity because you feel like you have to deal with everything you’re worrying about. And once again, you’re struggling to concentrate because you’re thinking about these opportunities, or how you wish you could be doing something else and the cycle continues. Even this cycle can become comfortable without us realizing. It gets to the point where we are so worried about so many things that as soon as we open our eyes in the morning the list is ready in our heads.

Life can feel stagnant when it’s comfortable. Now, I’m not saying you absolutely have to be out of your comfort zone at all times of the day, because we all need a little love & comfort from ourselves but at least aim to start with once every few days, then up to once a day. I’ll get to why this is important up ahead.

This cycle we get caught up in becomes our mindset – essentially how our brain is set to perform. If we train our brain to look for our worries – the bad, the hard, the struggles and challenges (even without recognizing we’re doing this) it’s going to become the language in which we communicate with the world, and the language the world uses to communicate with us. The mind becomes set to take in this information at rapid speeds, which, when we’re not aware of this it can be hard to put a halt to.

The good news about this is, if we can train our brain to notice all of the worry, challenge, struggles, etc – we can retrain our brain to look for the good, the peace, the excitement, happiness, etc. And naturally, when you feel like there is excitement and happiness, your energy is up. You are more willing and open (especially to step out of your comfort zone!), you’re excited to try new things, you are more trusting and accepting, and you don’t really worry too much because you’re confident that you’re performing at a higher level of energy.

SO we humans are smart creatures. If you’ve ever head of neuroplasticity, you’re aware that our brains can easily change. Simply, one of the keys to encouraging this reset in the brain is to be aware. In a moments notice when you can recognize that your instinct was to judge, you can reframe that by encouraging yourself to notice positive things instead; or you can recognize when you feel like you want to complain and reframe by encouraging reminders of what you’re grateful for in that moment. Sometimes this process of awareness becomes a tad challenging because sometimes you’ll feel like you want to judge yourself, especially when you start to notice how often you have some less than ideal thoughts. This is okay!!!! This will happen, even this acknowledgement can be reframed into complimenting yourself for your progress in noticing. Be proud of you every step of the way.
Something that can really help with this process is reflective journaling. I go more into detail on that in this post, including a few beginner journal prompts that you will find super helpful!

Reflective journaling can especially help you with letting go of this mindset. It can be hard to let go of when it’s become a habit, and it’s easy to fall back into the familiar patterns. But let me tell you, when you are okay with letting go theres a whole other world out there. Let me tell you a bit about what happened when I shifted my fearful mindset, to an open and expansive mindset.

what happens when you let go of your fearful mindset

Here’s What Happened When I Let Go of My Fearful Mindset

I’m going to start off by informing you that there is no “fast & easy” way outta this one. You have got to put in the work and be 100% committed to doing so, or it’s going to be one challenging cycle to break. I don’t say this to scare or discourage you, because I’m confident that you’re able to; however I recognize that it’s easy to get re-caught up in the cycle when you think that you should be farther along ‘your journey’ than you feel you actually are. Ima say this one a little louder – THE THOUGHT OF HAVING TO BREAK THE CYCLE CAN KEEP YOU EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE; feeling guilty, procrastinating the work, struggling to concentrate with your self care activities that you’re following.

There is no exact time line. There is no right amount of time. Each and every person’s personal journey is SO unique.
The trap of comparison to another journey will keep you trapped, as you may start to feel bad about your own.

So, basically just cut any expectation that it’s going to be a ‘quick fix’ and you’ll be on your way living your best life. It certainly can be, since transformation in itself literally takes seconds – but patterns and habits and yes you get it. Moving on. You will learn so much from yourself; here’s what I learned:

When I learned to let go of my fearful mindset I began to feel reconnected. There was a huge pattern of disconnection in my life that I hadn’t realized being so worried about everything drove me far far away from what genuinely made me enjoy life. I let fear and worry remain behind the wheel in the drivers seat and they only led me to much more fear and worry. That’s all they knew.

When I learned to let go of my fearful mindset I began to feel present. I didn’t have to think about the past, as that has come and gone. I certainly didn’t have to think too much about the future, because I don’t know what I haven’t yet seen. All I can know is right here & right now.

When I learned to let go of my fearful mindset I’ve embodied a level of confidence I’ve never once felt before.

When I learned to let go of my fearful mindset I began to feel more excited about life, more open to opportunities, and 100% willing to try.

When I learned to let go of my fearful mindset I found comfort in all of the discomfort.

When I learned to let go of my fearful mindset I learned that if an opportunity will allow me to feel accomplished in an aspect of my life, then it was a good opportunity for me. This in turn allows me to focus on me. I no longer worried about anyone or what they were doing, or where they were at. I no longer worry about ‘missing out’ as I recognize that within the balance of give and take, I need to do what’s best and supports who and what I love.

When I learned to let go of my fearful mindset, stress became a distant friend – only casually coming to visit on occasion, rarely overstaying their purpose.

+ an abundance of other varying lessons and opportunities; but these 7 have been the most impactful. And truthfully, when I first made the decision to ditch my comfort zone I had no idea this is what would come from it. I don’t know what I expected but perhaps I was a little dramatic in thinking it would be this big personal ordeal, when really it was just a silent, personal shift. Kinda boring and not very entertaining but do with it as you wish. Perhaps you can find the humour to make it a bit more entertaining for yourself haha.

Remember these are just a reflection of my personal experience and yours can look A LOT different. There will be many similarities and/or differences, but that doesn’t mean you’re not on the right track. Keep doing you and focusing on you and yours.

Think about a time in your life where you were maybe a little hesitant to do something and said “f it” and decided to go for it anyway. What’s one thing you learned from this?

IMAGINE what else you have to learn when you keep on steppin’ out of whats comfortable. Imagine how much value this can add to your life going forth.

And of course, I’d love to hear from you! If you feel called to share, what’s one valuable lesson you’ve learned from releasing your fear and stepping out of your comfort zone?
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As always, you got this

xx Katelyn


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Overcoming a fearful mindset is a journey of learning. It’s uncomfortable & scary; but the lessons we learn are the most valuable.

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